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New Business Appointments

Experts in Business Development and Director level appointment setting.

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Increase your Client acquisition

Here at Double Tap Marketing, all of our efforts are for one reason; to put you in front of genuinely interested new business opportunities so you can turn them into another paying client. We do this a number of ways and represent our clients' to the highest standard whilst being incredibly easy to work with.

Utilising Multi-channel marketing methods honed over years of experience and adapted to meet the markets current demands, we have a skillset matching the largest and best Marketing Agencies in the country, the speed & flexibility of a highly motivated internal Marketing Team and the customer service/ long-lasting relationship building of a small Marketing Consultancy. All packaged very neatly together into very affordable & scalable options that hit sales targets and don't have any long tie-ins. 

As the Head of Sales, I am thrilled to share my experience with Double Tap Marketing to date (June 2023 - current).

Working with Double Tap Marketing has been a game-changer for our business.

Their expertise in generating new business appointments is unparalleled. They have a deep understanding of the ever-evolving landscape of generating appointments, and their strategies have consistently driven outstanding results for us. From increasing our visibility to generating new appointments, they have exceeded our expectations.

What truly sets Double Tap Marketing apart is their dedication to understanding our unique business needs. They don't offer one-size-fits-all solutions; instead, they tailor their strategies to match our specific goals and objectives. This personalised approach has been instrumental in our success. 


Throughout the partnership, communication has been seamless. Rebecca who we work with is not only responsive, but also proactive in keeping us updated on the progress of our campaigns. The transparency and willingness to go the extra mile have made them a true partner in our growth journey.


I can confidently say that Rebecca and Double Tap Marketing have played a pivotal role in our business success. Their expertise, commitment, and results-orientated approach make them an asset for any company looking to thrive in the digital age. 


Thank you for your outstanding work and dedication to our success.

Head of Sales - National IT Support Business

Ideal customer audience

Corporate Client

Duration of campaign

3 Month Trial Period

Cost of that trial


Industries targeted

Education & Retail

ROI for telemarketing

£2.5m of new signed business

What services they took

Data, email &

telemarketing package.

Type of client

SMB Client

Duration of trial

5 Months so far

Cost spent on marketing

£3,745 spent so far

Audience they wanted to target

SMBs & Manufacturing

End result of marketing campaign

136% invoiced return

This is without the contracted upcoming months of invoices per client, or all the other potentials being converted.

Data, email &

telemarketing package.

What services they used from us

2024 example returns

Our team of expert marketers

We are a Marketing Agency who are Business Development experts with a focus on making marketing budgets go further and offering an outstanding service. Our team is dedicated to putting our clients' in front of their ideal customers.


Working with companies around the UK, we utilise multi-channel marketing - accessing the right audience through emails and high-level telemarketing/ Business Development Calling to introduce, engage and arrange meetings and quotes.

Aside from utilising our marketing packages, many of our clients just opt for just dedicated calling for a number of days a month. Utilising the skills of our Senior Level Business Developers works extremely well and has produced company-changing results. This works best when our clients have their own data they are looking to approach - be it an old list of opportunities through to a 'hot list' of potentials where they only have the company name.


For over 7 years we've hit targets and helped our clients grow.

Rebecca Dance, our award winning Business Developer heads the team to make sure you are being presented in the best possible light, quality appointments with your ideal customers are being booked and KPIs are being met.


Martin Dugan, our Technical Director, looks after everything digital and the business as a whole. With decades of experience working meticulously with some of the UKs biggest and brightest forward-thinking small business and large corporates, your sales & marketing couldn't be in better in hands.



Marketing Data

The life blood of any successful campaign.


Email Marketing

Professional, honest & engaging to help prioritise calling.


High-Level Telemarketing

Award winning methods with impressive results.


Complementary Services

Utilising our network of Designers, Promotional goods, SEO, Social Marketing & Web design to strengthen any campaign.

Who we work with

Our most successful marketing campaigns are with clients who offer B2B services (Business to Business) and know when they're in front of their ideal customer, they have a great chance of winning the business. The hardest part they typically face is finding the right people in the right companies to start the right conversation.

We typically don't work with any B2C companies (Business to Consumer) as going to the general public to sell directly doesn't utilise our carefully honed skills. We are experts at warming up potential opportunities and speaking to various people in an organisation until we've found the key decision maker, then introducing, nurturing and setting an appointment to be turned into paying business.

"Double Tap Marketing are an invaluable asset to our business. Martin & the team have helped us win £100s of 000s of repeat business. As well as their diligence and professionalism, they are always on hand to help and have gone out of their way to make sure we've been looked after and hit our sales targets."

Moses Opone - Multiple Business Owner

Why us

If you are like our clients', you are an outstanding business with a service that your customers need and you offer the best value for money compared to your competition. Nobody does it better.

Our role is simply to find the businesses you want to work with and tell them exactly that, or perhaps not as cliched. This is what we excel at, what we love doing, and if lead generation is what you are looking for, we'd love to talk.

Transform your business with our proven marketing strategies and Business Development expertise.

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