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About Us

B2B (Business To Business) Marketing Agency based in Wiltshire who put our clients in front of their ideal customers.

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Martin Dugan - Managing Director

Started in 2017, and from a Sales & Marketing Director background, a lot of time was spent honing the craft of Business Development, Lead Generation and B2B sales for SMBs. Around the start of 2022, Double Tap Marketing was surrounded by some extraordinary talent and the new goal of leveraging the expanding skillsets to better serve customers and the business was set.

Award winning Business Developers and very strong, agile and performance focused partners help make us able to serve clients from start-ups who required everything from help setting up an email, bringing in leads and following up attended meetings, to larger clients like RingCentral who want one thing; more highly qualified appointments within their target vertical and nothing short of excellence is accepted. Which suits us to the ground as it's these types of clients and campaigns that have helped push and hone our procedures, processes and deliver on expected results.


From the start, we've shunned the idea of high volume calling or sending 100k emails hoping for a bite. We'd rather send 200 emails to people we are incredibly confident can use the service now (or soon) and then start the process of building a relationship with them to understand their position and needs then take it from there. Pretty simple really and truly quality over quantity. Every appointment we book, we'd rather the attendee was looking forward to the meeting as they'd had an enjoyable experience getting to that point - which also helps closing as they're already on side.


2023 is about adding more complementary services to strengthen the offering and give the option to clients who haven't got a dedicated marketing team an easy way to capture the eyes of more potential customers. All of this whilst making how we work together as harmonious, intuitive and clear on communication as possible.

There are more and more potentially company changing appointments being made as we head towards 2024 and nothing beats that feeling when we're told they've turned into new clients. We want more of them, so that's what drives us. That's where we were and where we're heading and we only grow when our clients do and we're hungry for more.

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Who's hungrier, the wolf at the top of the mountain or the wolf climbing up?

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