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B2B Email Marketing

Business To Business Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective ways to introduce your services, aid conversations and prompt engagement. When done correctly, emails as a standalone or part of a larger campaign, help take your ideal clients from potentials and unknowns, to engaged, informed and interested in either finding more about about your services, or to go ahead and book an appointment. They can be used to warm up a lead before calling, as a talking point for contacts who haven't been spoken to for a while, or a quick way to tell a number of people about something exciting that they could genuinely benefit from.

Lead Nurture Emails

Our lead nurturing emails are monthly email sequences that help advance potential customers through your marketing funnel towards booking an appointment/ being passed to you when qualified as a genuine lead. The emails are created based on a number of factors and the aim is to continue to warm the prospects. Factors impacting content include any recurring feedback from associated calling (everyone is asking the same question, so answering it in the next email makes sense), the agreed educational journey we want to take the prospects on to learn about your business, or relevant information pertinent to the time it's being sent. An accountant email campaign may reference upcoming end of year tax benefits etc.


The scheduled nature of these emails means they can be timed nicely to tie in with any telemarketing or follow ups your side and also makes sure the send happens like clockwork. As time progresses on a campaign, there will be a natural split between those who are engaging and those who are not and may require a different tact to understand their current position and needs. Lead Nurture email campaigns, either on their own or as part of a larger marketing campaign mean emails can't be forgotten to sent or let the prospects fall out of the funnel.

As the emails go to potential customers wherever they are in the funnel, whether they are just starting to research options in your sector or if they are comparing a few final choices before purchasing. Our professionally written, honest and clear emails play a key role in starting and continuing conversations, driving conversions and bringing revenue to the business.

The content of the lead nurturing emails can vary from simple introductions to promoting company news, blog posts, eBooks, or special offers you may have. Essentially anything relevant to a lead that could help convert them into a customer.

Promotional emails

Promotional emails focus primarily on getting the word out about your service to potential customers. These emails could share discounts, provide access to gated content, or announce an upcoming special event like a webinar. Promotional emails are by far the most common type of marketing emails that customers receive, so getting the message spot on makes it easy to stand out for all the right reasons.

Our promotional emails explain the benefits and features of a client's service and are usually colourful and in a similar look to our client's website to make them visually pleasing and unified in feel and message. This also means they are not as suited to be emailed to a large number of people who have not opted in as they 'download images' needs to be clicked to view the email as intended. 


Other than a headline reduction in price or similar, we use these types of emails to help customers understand why they should purchase beyond a simple discount and really understand why you. The more visually attractive an email, the less that should be said so people don't tire of reading it - being succinct whilst nudging readers for engagement is a fine line to walk and requires experience to get it right first time.


Subject lines are particularly important in these emails as they have to be both enticing enough for readers to open the email then click on any links whilst avoiding any 'red flag' cliché marketing phrases.

Newsletter emails

Newsletter emails are usually sent on a regular schedule to directly opted in readers. Our newsletter emails contain company updates, event or promotional announcements, and company blog content. After promotional emails, these are the second most widely used type of email marketing.

These aren't just to entice and reach new customers, newsletters are a great way to market to your existing customers — you can share content about additional or new services they haven't bought into yet but would benefit from. It's a great way to discuss your other customer success stories, and any promotions you are running. Basically these are a gentle but effective way for our clients to stay top of mind for their readers.

To get the most out of your newsletter, we help define the key goal for the email. We then focus on including only relevant and important information. It can be tempting to add too much and it become far too text heavy, so we focus on the most relevant content and the most important call to actions (CTAs) for your readers.

With newsletters, after the framework has been created, you can repurpose your existing content from your website, social accounts, or blog and really make for an interesting read.

Milestone & appreciation emails

Milestone emails create another way for you to connect with your current customers by highlighting milestones personal to them or about their relationship with your company.

We help write these emails for our clients' who then send to their customers. Unless you have a large database full of clients that need additional touch points, Milestone marketing campaigns are better served as an internal project for account managers. We're just here to help create the ideal wording for you.


Our emails emails typically express appreciation for your customers’ contribution toward your achievements and success or for celebrating a specific occasion like a birthday, anniversary, or holiday.

For example, you could send an email after a customer has been with you for a year, or you could send a customer a personalized discount code on their birthday. Even if readers don’t immediately purchase any additional services after reading the email, it can still generate engagement and keep the brand top of mind.

Re-engagement emails

Re-engagement emails are designed to reconnect with ex-subscribers/ proven continued openers who have stopped engaging with the regular emails. 


If they haven’t opened an email for a while, engaged/ replied, or clicked through to the website for a while, re-engagement emails to encourage them to do so.


Re-engagement emails can take many different forms since they are intended to remind customers about your brand. You can share promotions, company announcements, newsletter content, and more.

According to Invesp, it can be up to five times cheaper to turn an inactive subscriber into a customer than to acquire a new one. So if you have an opted-in list of unengaged potential customers (that wasn't purchased so not out of licence). sending a re-engagement email can be a very lucrative strategy for your business if accompanying new customer acquisition.

Event & standalone emails

Standalone emails are sent to inform your email list of one specific offer or event. 


Double Tap Marketing use these emails when we want to occasionally boost a telemarketing only campaign. This could be letting potential customers know about new resources a client has published or to invite them to take part in a virtual or in-person event.


These emails have a very specific CTA, which makes them quicker and easier to measure. As the emails aren’t sent as regularly as some of the others on this list, it means they are reliant purely on the offering or event we're promoting.

Some clients don't like the idea of emailing potential clients once a month (which is proven as 'not too much, but also not too little' so the occasional standalone email fits very nicely. Perhaps once a quarter or at a few key stages in a given year.The

Transactional emails

For us, a transactional email is the direct communication between our Business Developers and the prospect to help facilitate a service order or arrange a meeting. They can be updates, fact-finding or purely conversational replying to any potential customers responding to a Lead Generation email campaign.

Due to the nature of the email, we have an almost 100% open rate as these are engaged prospects who looking for specific information from us. As all email addresses are monitored, even if a reply comes in on a Saturday night, if it's urgent we can reply to them and pass on to you straight away so you know Monday morning there's a priority action with no delays.

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