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Marketing Services (Lead Generation)

Lead Generation Services That Give You More Exposure To The Right Audience Which Results In Better Relationships & More Business.

Our Specialisation

Business Marketing Services

At Double Tap Marketing, we put our clients in front of more of their ideal customers. We provide a range of marketing services that can be used either on their own or as a package. Our team of experts are focused on helping you reach more potential customers, understand more about their current position & future business needs and convert more into paying clients.


Take advantage of our proven marketing strategies and see what a difference it can make to your business. With our help, you can have a full sales pipeline, achieve your sales targets and focus on servicing new clients.

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Custom Lead Generation Services

All of our services can be purchased individually or put together in an ideal marketing package to suit your needs and the needs of your potential clients. For more information on any of our Business Development Services, contact us on the form below.


B2B Data Lists

Our B2B data service provides you with access to senior decision makers in organisations and their their email addresses. All GDPR compliant from one of the most reputable sources in the UK. With a 12-month licence, you get excellent value for money so you can have a list of your ideal clients.


Rather than hope someone finds you amongst all of your competitors, by starting your marketing campaign with a list of organisations you know you could do business with, the key is then how you introduce yourself.

Email Marketing Campaigns


Get in front of more of your ideal customers with our range of marketing

Still the most cost effective way of reaching a high number of the people you want to engage with is a well written, professionally crafted and experience based email campaign. 


The goal of emails for Double Tap Marketing is not necessarily to get a sale there and then - but to introduce our clients and start the process of building rapport and trust in the brand.


By understanding the services of our clients, and how these solve the typical needs of  the prospects, we make benchmark beating email campaigns that either deliver on as a standalone marketing project, or the perfect door openers to additional contact via telemarketing.


Telemarketing Campaigns

Speaking effectively to Directors and those with very little time is a difficult skill to master. We have award winning Business Developers doing just that. Developing relationships, understanding needs and booking qualified appointments.


These are business development calling opposed to high volume telesales. This allows for fluid conversations that are unscripted and kept on track by both experience and key questions requiring answers (we agree these beforehand). The calls can cover multiple topics and the essence of this style of calling is developing relationships and creating trust.

The benefit to you is after this approach is complete, meetings start on the best foot forward as they are already in favour of how you operate. All communication is taken very seriously and we will represent you in the highest possible light.

Strengthening results

Complementary Marketing Services

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Inbound Marketing MOT & Fix

Think of this as an MOT for your brand's presence and making sure all the foundations are correct and in place. From simply making sure all your directory listings have the same contact details and up to date service offerings, to Google My Business being utilised as well as it should be, website metatags and descriptions are all saying what they should and no opportunities are being missed, to checking Facebook/ Linkedin etc to be updated. This can also be a light look into how you present yourself regarding consistency of branding, email signatures, varying use of fonts throughout mediums and highlighting any major inconsistencies you might not have been aware of.

Part one is understanding where your customers see you and where you want your presence to be optimised. With that we can create a specific checklist of what to look at and make notes of what is on point, what could be better, and what should be added. 

Part two is undertaking the work and getting everything to a level you know if anyone searches for you on Bing, they will get the same voicing as on a directory listing which in turn reads similarly to your Google profile, your website and your Facebook business page.

If they aren't setup, we'll set them up. If you've lost passwords, we'll help you find them (and recommend setting them to highly secure). And if you aren't sure where you stand with everything as some elements were setup by someone years ago who left the business etc then we can help resolve that and get you back in control.

Everything in one place, all looking as neat and tidy as it should do.

Google My Business Optimisation

Your Google My Business Profile is key for being found by local customers and generally across the web. By having Double Tap Marketing optimise your listing, your local Google Search visibility will increase. By getting the description right and adding posts, videos, photos and images regularly you'll see an improvement in website visitors and in with that, your Google ranking.

In addition, collecting (and responding) to reviews is a must and we can help you improve every aspect of your listing all with the goal of having a unified message ready for all the customers who are looking for your services.

If you're not sure you need to improve your GMB profile, search your competitors as if you were a potential customer and see if you stand out over and above their listings or if you could use some enhancements.


Social Media Marketing

We put social media marketing into two categories:

Complementary to primary marketing efforts: strengthening a message which goes out via an email campaign or telemarketing so the message is unified. This is tied in perfectly so should a prospect receive an email, speak on the phone, then go on to your Linkedin page for example, the message is similar across the channels and you're establishing a consistent voice.


These additional touch points strengthen the points we're putting across and help convert potentials into confirmed meetings. Typically these are one or two posts per week per channel. 

We also help businesses with blog post creations, article writing and general content creation.

Primary lead generation using social media: we help individuals and businesses fully  market and manage their social media platforms to generate new customers from their chosen social channels. Including full strategy and creating a brand persona through to managing blog & content creation and supporting asset design and all content marketing. 

Building a loyal audience the organic way, and making sure your message resonates exactly how it should, our services put you in the right place at the right time. If you want Facebook ads, Linkedin posts, trending TikTok videos through to focusing on the customer service aspect of your social accounts, this is everything our Social Media Marketing arm of Double Tap Marketing does.

These posts can be up to multiple per day per channel.

Brochures, Signage & Graphic Creation

We have a team who make all things creative & digital. If you need print ready brochures created from scratch, to signage in your building to match a recent brand redesign we can help. 

Signs, vehicle graphics, and anything requiring print including pull-up banner printing or exhibition displays we have a dedicated team who have excellent turn-around times, decades of design experience and utilise the best hard and software in the business.

Marketing Brochures.png

Direct & Traditional Marketing

Print, nationwide leaflet/ brochure distribution - including personalised fulfilment, newspaper/ digital magazine advertising & article writing and most non-digital marketing services are available.


Depending on your chosen audience, this could be the perfect way to get your company and services in front of them. 

Coupled with a digital strategy or multi-touch marketing campaign this method of introduction has so many benefits and lasting engagements that it is worth considering. 

At Double Tap Marketing we usually send a small portion of promotional items with a brochure and cover page to very specific companies who are the majority of the way through their confirmed buying cycle. The results are, this method helps tip the decision into the favour of our client, opposed to their competitor. 

Promotional gifts sent to prospects

From one personalised sweater to 1000s of polo shirts, we are able to help deliver on any clothing and PPE needs. 

When it comes to making an impression on new potential clients, we have a world of promotional items available to have your logo put on them. Umbrellas, pens, mugs, notepads, totes and gadgets to sweets, drinkware and everything in between. Especially ideal if you go to exhibitions as these items are perfect to be posted with an accompanying business brochure and cover letter, then followed up via email and on the phone to really make sure they made the right impact. 


Marketing Consultancy Services

We help our clients understand their customers better. Then identify effective marketing campaigns to reach that audience in the best suiting manner. By honing the target audience from 'we can help everyone' to 'let's focus on this industry, and these people within', marketing becomes a very smart and strategic part of acquiring more opportunities in the correct sectors. 

Where Double Tap Marketing stands out, is rather than give you some great advice and say, now execute it on your own, we can help deliver as well. 


Ready to discuss what Success looks like? Get in Touch.

We love discussing everything about Marketing, Marketing campaigns, lead generation and gaining more clients for small and large businesses. 

If you are looking at your current plans and want an alternative option, or want to trial & prove type of marketing approach works for you before taking it in-house, then we can help. 

If you have a sales team who need to be fed more opportunities then that's perfect, it's everything we do here. Or if you need someone to find, introduce, book an appointment then follow up after the meeting to ask for the business, we do that as well. 


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