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Attendance and Punctuality Policy

1. Purpose

At Double Tap Marketing, we recognise that consistent attendance and punctuality are essential for maintaining operational efficiency, meeting client expectations, and fostering a positive work environment. Our Attendance and Punctuality Policy outlines the expectations, procedures, and consequences related to attendance and timekeeping. By adhering to this policy, we ensure that our team members contribute effectively to our collective success.

2. Policy Statement

  1. General Expectations:

    • Employees are expected to arrive at work on time and adhere to their assigned work schedules.

    • Punctuality demonstrates professionalism, reliability, and respect for colleagues and clients.

  2. Work Hours and Schedules:

    • Employees must follow their designated work hours and schedules.

    • Any deviations (early arrivals, late departures) require prior approval from the manager.

  3. Reporting Absences:

    • Planned Absences: Employees should request time off in advance using our designated process (e.g., vacation days, personal leave).

    • Unforeseen Absences: In case of illness or emergencies, employees must notify their manager as early as possible.

  4. Tardiness:

    • Occasional lateness due to unforeseen circumstances is understandable.

    • Consistent tardiness disrupts workflow and affects team morale.

  5. Recording Work Hours:

    • Employees are responsible for accurately recording their work hours using our designated timekeeping system.

    • Any discrepancies should be reported promptly.

  6. Consequences of Unreported Absences or Tardiness:

    • Verbal Warning: The first instance of unreported absence or tardiness may result in a verbal warning.

    • Written Warning: Subsequent violations will lead to a written warning.

    • Progressive Discipline: Continued non-compliance may result in further disciplinary action, including suspension or termination.

  7. Rewards for Good Attendance:

    • We recognise and appreciate employees with excellent attendance records.

    • Rewards may include additional paid time off, performance bonuses, or other incentives.

  8. Presenteeism:

    • While punctuality is crucial, employees should not overwork or stay beyond their scheduled hours unnecessarily.

    • Balance work commitments with personal well-being.

  9. Remote Work and Flexibility:

    • Remote workers must adhere to the same punctuality standards as office-based employees.

    • Flexibility does not compromise punctuality.

  10. Dependent Care and Emergencies:

    • Employees with caregiving responsibilities should communicate any challenges affecting their attendance.

    • We understand that emergencies happen and will address them compassionately.

  11. Contractors and Consultants:

    • Contractors and consultants working on-site or remotely must comply with this policy.

    • They should align their schedules with project requirements.

3. Responsibilities

  1. Employees:

    • Comply with this policy and maintain regular and timely attendance.

    • Report any anticipated or unforeseen absences promptly.

  2. Managers and Supervisors:

    • Monitor attendance and address any issues promptly.

    • Encourage a positive work culture around punctuality.

4. Training and Awareness

  1. Induction Training:

    • New hires receive training on this policy during onboarding.

    • Regular reminders reinforce awareness.

  2. Communication:

    • We communicate this policy to all employees and provide resources for understanding and compliance.

5. Conclusion

Double Tap Marketing values the commitment and reliability of our team members. By adhering to this policy, we contribute to a productive and respectful work environment.

Please note that this policy serves as a foundation, and we encourage ongoing dialogue with our legal advisors and HR professionals to stay informed about any changes in regulations. We continue to prioritise attendance and punctuality as integral components of our organisational success.

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