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National Student Accommodation Cleaning company Case Study

Over £3 million in revenue won from a single quarter of marketing activity in 2024.



Our client specialises in high-volume student accommodation cleaning at University campuses around the UK. They have a unique way of working which clearly puts them ahead of their competitors and have a small bank of large and prestigious University clients that use them every year. The feedback from all clients is incredibly positive and they have created a way of working that is very scalable so wanted Double Tap Marketing to increase their number of clients and the revenue each produces.


Put our client in front of more potential customers, change their brand perception and in many cases, win the business for them.


Website overhaul in phases (phase II complete, phase III is underway). We learned where their ideal clients and the decision makers went (2x key exhibitions per year) and typically the largest ones require a Tender.

For the exhibitions we created the entire design and look – from shirts being worn, books and pens personalised, full exhibition panels, and a video created which was ran on the large TV behind them. All in keeping with the overall brand look and the feedback from the exhibition organisers is ‘our client stood out the most and a lot of footfall happened because they looked so professional.’

For the Tenders, we got fully involved with the workings of the business and in one quarter of 2024, we wrote 4 Tenders from start to finish.


Exhibition results: One major contract won with many additional revenue streams created from the presence worth over 100x the cost of our services and exhibition attendance.

Tender results: All four Tenders won, creating almost 3 million in revenue over the contract period. Scores from our efforts averaged a 91% pass mark which in one case was almost 20% better than the closest competitor.

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