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Commercial Automation Company Case Study

Smashed targets for CPD bookings, filled 6 months of available diary space in weeks, they've since won more business than they could possibly hope for, and have a sales pipeline well into 2026.



Our client is a specialist in home automation and particularly helping create Accessible For All places of work and homes. They typically work with architects and builders directly on both housing and commercial projects. The vast majority of work had been in the residential market and our client wanted to move into Commercial and start working with architects directly.


New to outsourced marketing, our client wanted us to find and create relationships with architects within a reasonable driving radius of the office. Introduce our client, find out if they have any upcoming projects and ideally arrange a CPD short course (Continuing Professional Development). Our client had the capacity to take on 7 new projects spread out over the year and hoped to have 4-5 CPDs per month booked if possible.


We purchased a GDPR compliant list of architects that met the criteria, enriched the data with the correct contacts, made sure we fully understood the brief, liaised with the client until both sides were happy and started a calling campaign.


In 18 days of calling, we had booked over 40 CPDs, arranged a number of Teams meetings for those with impending projects and had another 30 lined up to convert into booked CPDs throughout the next 12-months.

On this occasion, we were a victim of our own success as the CPDs created a large number of relationships and the number of projects requiring our clients time bloomed into a number nobody thought would happen. So, we have stopped calling as they have more work than they can possibly do at the moment without taking on and training more staff which isn’t on the agenda of the business.


A very nice problem for the owner to have as they have gone from hoping to have more business opportunities, to picking and choosing work that they genuinely want to do whilst having a pipeline of potential work giving ultimate peace of mind.

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