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Nationwide Unified Communications Company Case Study

Over £10 million in revenue won from a single quarter of marketing activity in 2024.

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Our client is a consultancy firm specialising in Unified Communications (UC) and Contact Centre (CC) services. With over 20 years of expertise in the unified communications market, they offer strategic guidance to clients throughout the entire project lifecycle - from initial assessment, research & design to ideal supplier selection and procurement. They have a very refreshing approach and when understood, stands head and shoulders from all the typical telephony providers.

The challenge with the telecoms industry, which is fairly saturated, is for any customer to purchase new phones etc it’s always worked the same way; either go direct to the provider or go to a broker who works with a select few providers and they get paid commission off what is invoiced so naturally the more spent the better – leaving the end customer usually paying for unnecessary add-ons, inflated monthly charges and potentially with a provider that isn’t an ideal choice. That is the old way.

So we had the task of introducing our client who works with all the most credible UC providers equally, in both the UK and globally (Ring Central to 8x8 to Atos to Avaya etc) so no culling of choice from the outset. And the ultimate selection of what provider is chosen and what the technology does is down to the customer as they (in brief) learn exactly what they need first, create a shortlist of all the providers that can best meet that brief – balancing functionality, usability, integration with current technology, value and total monthly costs and present the findings for selection by the board.

In 99% of cases there is no cost for this service so it’s like having a free very senior and knowledgeable member of staff specifically tasked with helping select the perfect communications technology for the business. The incentive our client gets from the provider’s point of view, is to make sure the customer has a seamless experience, has the correct technology chosen, minimal impact in its implementation and paying a price (always less than they would get going direct) that everyone is happy with to ensure the creation of a long-lasting customer. Win-Win-Win.


Working with our client and backed by one of their many partners, the initial three month campaign was to introduce them to mid – large SMEs and corporates. Understand their current position regarding both telephony and Unified Comms (inc use of Microsoft Teams) from a contractual and review position. Depending on the circumstances and any genuinely identified needs, we were to either book a Teams meeting, nurture in a sales pipeline until ready, or remove if not appropriate.


  1. Find a GDPR compliant list of potential prospects that meet certain criteria.

  2. Use this as a basis and enrich with Senior Level Decision maker contact details of those who look after the telephony/ comms of the business.

  3. Create and deliver a Director level email campaign and use the results to help prioritise calling.

  4. Speak with those who have shown the most perceived interest, learn their current position through senior level telemarketing experience and book an appointment where genuine needs have been uncovered.

  5. Repeat throughout the three-month trial. One email every month, 40 days of calling split over the 3-month period.


  • 39 live opportunities found ranging from 30 users to 50,000 and all appointments attended.

  • 6 disqualified after meeting as no opportunity. 28 good relationships started and permission to quote at various stages throughout the year. Currently 5 clients signed up worth over £10,000,000 in revenue.

  • A solid pipeline of interest and relationships created.

  • Continuation of our marketing efforts (which have won them more clients).


Investment gain: £990,000

ROI: Absurdly good.

Investment length: 0.25 years

Client: Ecstatic.

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