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Equal Opportunity and
Non-Discrimination Policy

1. Purpose

At Double Tap Marketing, we are committed to fostering an inclusive and respectful work environment. Our Equal Opportunity and Non-Discrimination Policy ensures that all employees, regardless of their background, are treated fairly and equitably. We strive to eliminate unlawful discrimination and promote diversity throughout our organisation.

2. Policy Statement

  1. Equal Treatment: We prohibit discrimination based on the following protected characteristics:

    • Age: No employee will be treated unfairly due to their age.

    • Disability: We accommodate employees with disabilities and provide reasonable adjustments.

    • Gender Reassignment: We respect an individual’s gender identity and expression.

    • Marriage and Civil Partnership: All employees receive equal treatment, regardless of their marital status.

    • Pregnancy and Maternity: We support pregnant employees and those on maternity leave.

    • Race (including color, nationality, and ethnic origin): We celebrate diversity and oppose racial discrimination.

    • Religion or Belief: Employees have the right to practice their religion without discrimination.

    • Sex: We ensure gender equality in all aspects of employment.

    • Sexual Orientation: We promote an inclusive environment for all sexual orientations.

  2. Recruitment and Hiring:

    • All recruitment decisions are based on qualifications, skills, and experience.

    • We actively encourage applications from underrepresented groups.

  3. Work Environment:

    • We maintain a workplace free from harassment, bullying, and victimization.

    • Employees should treat each other with respect and dignity.

  4. Pay and Benefits:

    • Compensation is determined by job role, performance, and market standards.

    • We ensure pay equity and transparency.

  5. Terms and Conditions of Employment:

    • All employees receive equal terms and conditions, including benefits and leave entitlements.

    • We accommodate individual needs where possible.

  6. Grievances and Discipline:

    • Employees can raise concerns about discrimination without fear of retaliation.

    • We investigate complaints promptly and impartially.

  7. Promotion and Development Opportunities:

    • All employees have equal access to training, development, and career advancement.

    • We encourage diverse representation in leadership roles.

3. Responsibilities

  1. Management and Supervisors:

    • Promote equality, diversity, and inclusion within their teams.

    • Address any discriminatory behavior promptly.

  2. All Employees:

    • Treat colleagues, clients, and partners with respect.

    • Report incidents of discrimination or harassment.

  3. Liability:

    • Employees can be held accountable for acts of discrimination or harassment.

    • We take complaints seriously and take appropriate action.

4. Training and Awareness

  1. Training:

    • Managers and employees receive training on their rights and responsibilities under this policy.

    • We promote awareness of unconscious bias and cultural competence.

  2. Communication:

    • We communicate this policy to all employees and new hires.

    • Regular reminders reinforce our commitment to equal opportunity.

5. Conclusion

Double Tap Marketing is dedicated to creating a diverse, respectful, and inclusive workplace. By adhering to this policy, we contribute to a positive work environment where everyone can thrive.

Please note that this policy serves as a foundation, and we encourage ongoing dialogue with our legal advisors and HR professionals to stay informed about any changes in regulations.

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