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First Aid Policy

1. Introduction

At Double Tap Marketing, we prioritise the health and safety of our employees, clients, and visitors. Our First Aid Policy outlines the procedures and guidelines for providing immediate assistance in case of injury or sudden illness. By adhering to this policy, we ensure that prompt and effective first aid is available to those in need.

2. Legal Requirements

  1. Health and Safety (First-Aid) Regulations 1981:

    • Employers are legally obligated to provide adequate and appropriate first aid equipment, facilities, and personnel.

    • These regulations apply to all workplaces, including those with fewer than five employees and self-employed individuals.

  2. Assessment of First-Aid Needs:

    • Employers must assess workplace hazards, organization size, and other relevant factors to determine necessary first-aid provisions.

    • The assessment considers whether trained first-aiders are needed, the contents of first-aid boxes, and the need for a first-aid room.

  3. Inclusion of Non-Employees:

    • Although not legally required, we strongly recommend including non-employees (such as the public or children in schools) in the assessment of first-aid needs.

    • Provision for non-employees enhances overall safety.

3. Responsibilities

  1. Employer/Responsible Person:

    • Ensures compliance with first aid regulations.

    • Provides adequate and appropriate first aid equipment and facilities.

    • Appoints and trains first-aiders.

  2. Employees:

    • Report injuries or illnesses promptly.

    • Cooperate during first aid incidents.

4. First Aid Measures

  1. First-Aid Equipment:

    • First aid boxes are strategically placed and regularly inspected.

    • Contents include bandages, dressings, scissors, and other essential items.

  2. First-Aiders:

    • Trained first-aiders are designated.

    • They provide immediate assistance during emergencies.

  3. Emergency Procedures:

    • Evacuation routes and assembly points are clearly marked.

    • Employees know how to respond during fire, medical, or other emergencies.

  4. Communication:

    • Employees are informed about first aid procedures.

    • Regular training updates keep everyone prepared.

5. Conclusion

Double Tap Marketing prioritises first aid readiness. By adhering to this policy, we create a safer workplace and ensure the well-being of all individuals.

Please note that this policy serves as a foundation, and we encourage ongoing dialogue with our legal advisors and safety professionals to stay informed about any changes in regulations.

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