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Health and Safety Policy

Our Health and Safety Policy Statement serves as our guiding commitment to maintaining a secure and healthy workplace at Double Tap Marketing. This concise document outlines our pledge to prioritise the well-being of every individual associated with our operations. Here are the key components of our policy statement:

  1. General Approach:

    • We recognise the importance of health and safety in our workplace.

    • Our commitment extends to employees, contractors, clients, and visitors.

  2. Objectives:

    • We aim to prevent accidents, injuries, and health hazards.

    • Our goal is to create a safe environment conducive to productivity.

  3. Responsibilities:

    • Management, supervisors, and employees share the responsibility for health and safety.

    • Everyone must adhere to established procedures and guidelines.

  4. Risk Management:

    • We assess workplace risks and implement control measures.

    • Regular risk assessments ensure ongoing safety improvements.

  5. Emergency Preparedness:

    • We have clear emergency procedures for fire, medical incidents, and other crises.

    • Employees know evacuation routes and assembly points.

  6. First Aid and Medical Assistance:

    • First aid kits are accessible, and trained first aiders are designated.

    • Employees receive prompt medical attention when needed.

  7. Workstation Ergonomics:

    • We promote ergonomic practices to prevent strain and discomfort.

    • Proper workstation setup contributes to overall well-being.

  8. Confidentiality:

    • Health and safety discussions remain confidential.

    • Information is shared only with relevant parties (HR, senior management).

  9. Contractors and Visitors:

    • Contractors working on-site or remotely must comply with our policy.

    • Visitors receive safety induction and follow our guidelines.

By adhering to this policy, we ensure a safe and supportive environment for everyone at Double Tap Marketing.

Please note that this policy serves as a foundation, and we encourage ongoing dialogue with our legal advisors and safety professionals to stay informed about any changes in regulations.

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